After surviving the charter, Hannah is rewarded with a Second Stew, but she quickly realizes the newest addition to her team may be more than she bargained for. Mistakes continue to follow the crew and Captain Lee finds himself having to get more involved in troubleshooting the problems. The crew including Captain Lee are shocked to wake up and hear the shocking news that Kate quit. 4,578 talking about this. The charter guests request a White Party for their final dinner, and Ben goes to great lengths in creating a menu for the theme. On the season finale, the Talisman crew pull out all the stops to end the season on a high note. After back-to-back charters, the Ionian Princess crew finally enjoys a much deserved day off until Bryan decides to give Danny a lesson in deckie etiquette. Similar to the original, the show chronicles the lives of the crew members who work and reside aboard a superyacht during charter season. Danny falls ill as Bryan turns up the heat on his performance. As the crew wonders whether a charter guest is a member of the mob, Laura feels mistreated by Kate, leading to a screaming match during dinner service. Kevin confronts Simone over a lackluster service experience. A new group of energetic charter guests come on board, and with Anastasia's confidence shaken by poor reviews from the previous charter, she tries to regain her swagger. After Amy drops the ball on dinner service, Kate forcefully steps in to take charge and her efforts to make the final night of the charter perfect depend on her whole team pulling together. Sirocco's crew comes to terms with Mila's controversial views. The region is home to countless sandy beaches, excellent diving spots and secluded islands, ensuring plenty to see on the itinerary for season 7. One night the crew enjoys a nice beachside dinner off the yacht, but the boisterous shenanigans of a few leave Eddie and David fuming. Below Deck 8 Episodes. Rhylee and Ashton continue to butt heads while Tanner and Simone contemplate their relationship. Captain Lee and the entire crew of MY, Captain Lee worries that Chandler is mismanaging his deck team after hearing some unsettling news. Nico and Brianna grow closer despite Nico's girlfriend back in Chicago. After being put in her place by Kate, Simone deals with more fires when she learns Tanner has been gossiping about their relationship. Tom looks to clear his final hurdle, as Alex hopes to leave things with Bugsy on a positive note. Emily enjoys a night out with Ben while things get very heated between Kate and the exterior crew. Kyle finds a common bond with one of the charter guests and introduces the crew to a new side of him while Ben and Emily take their relationship to the next level. With Paget Berry, Ciara Duggan, Adam Glick, Georgia Grobler. Dominic Corry interviews Aesha Scott about her stint on the spinoff Below Deck … Nico takes his pursuit of Emily to new lows but will his romantic endeavors cost him his friendship with Lauren? Kelley's managerial skills are put to the test when Dean throws an unexpected curve ball at him. Rocky divulges details of her and Eddie’s secret affair to Amy and Emile, but when Emile threatens to confront Eddie the ladies have to keep him under control. Finally, a wild night out sparks romance, leaving Malia in the middle of a complicated love triangle between crew members. The stakes are high for the MY. Sandy ultimately lets June go because she has found a new chef. I think it’s an attainable goal, but then midnight escapades at the Thai markets occurred. This season on Bravo's Below Deck in Thailand saw Rhylee, once again have a difficult working relationship with her crew. After staying up all night with the primary's husband, Tiffany breaks down after Hannah confronts her for not finishing her duties. A recap of ‘Big Girls, Do Cry,’ the season finale of Below Deck on Bravo, season seven episode 18. And rough seas puts the boat in a situation that leaves everyone holding on for dear life. Ben takes Hannah on a date, but a major galley miscommunication during the guests' dinner could tarnish any romantic hope for the two. When a group of Sandy's friends charter the yacht, it's make or break for Hannah as she puts on her best stew face. Get a closer look at the outrageous hijinks of the charter guests and crew with Below Deck’s “The Crew Tells All.”. New charter guests come aboard to celebrate their seven-month dating anniversary, and the crew must provide the romantic trip of their lives. Her discussions with them often turned to … While Kate and Adrian pull out all the stops to deliver on a traditional beachfront pig roast luau, its success is threatened when a guest is injured due to Chandler’s oversight. A speedo-clad Bugsy prepares a naughty-themed evening for the guests, while managing the fallout of cucumber-gate. Ross confronts Rhylee after she oversteps her boundaries. Ben and Tiffany take their flirtation to the next level, unbeknownst to Hannah. Chef Mila continues to struggle in the galley, forcing Captain Sandy to make a temporary adjustment. Conrad's mission to avoid Hannah backfires when she gives him a proposition he can't refuse. Glenn Shephard and his crew set sail in a luxury sailing yacht to explore the crystal-clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea. Joao and Hannah have a heart to heart, while June tries to open herself up to Hannah with not so favorable results. Below Deck Season 7, Episode 17 Recap: Flower Frowns - Kevin Dobson's cake doesn't go over well with guests or Captain Lee. Colin wonders if this new crew might be a little too bawdy for him, and Chef Mila's redemption charter gets off to a choppy start forcing Sandy to think outside the box with a unique plan. Below Deck Recap: Brandy Snaps Is it hot in here, or is Below Deck just overserving emotionally vulnerable statement-necklace aficionados in Thailand? During their first night out, tensions reach a boiling point over Trevor's antics. Hannah confronts Kasey and Brooke about the hierarchy of the interior. Find out what you missed. Tom becomes incensed over a provisioning mishap, while Malia and Bugsy struggle to manage the fallout. Episode 12 Blue Skies and UTI’s The Fairfield, Connecticut investment banker boarded the yacht with … Eddie begins to question his closeness with Rocky, but there's more at risk than personal relationships when a fire breaks out in the galley putting the whole boat in danger. Jen reaches her breaking point and things turn physical after a dinner gone sour. Rhylee struggles to keep her attitude in check as she and Chandler continue to be at odds. Bugsy's frustration with Hannah reaches critical mass when she calls Hannah out. Track Below Deck season 7 episodes. A night of fun turns sour when Kelley confronts some fellow yachties who insult Amy and Jennice. When a nearby vessel begins to sink, the Ionian Princess crew has to spring into action to help save it. During their night off, Jesus and Kate get to know each other while Chris Brown makes a pass at Brianna. Jack and Aesha move in together making Travis feel isolated. Captain Lee reprimands the crew for damaging a very expensive piece of the boat. Trevor faces the wrath of Captain Lee after putting the crew's safety in jeopardy during their night out. The crew welcome aboard a group of social media-obsessed Silicon Valley investors. Wes struggles with his growing feelings for Malia as fireworks ignite between her and Adam. Danny disobeys a direct order from Captain Mark when he decides to give a love poem to a charter guest. Kate and Ben try to figure out if they have a romantic future together. A night out at a Michelin Starred restaurant inspires Adam to step up his culinary game for the rest of the season. When Adam deliberately goes against a guest's food preferences, tempers flare in the galley. Joao continues to have growing pains in his new leadership position as he attempts to get his deckhand Jack in line. Malia deals with a green deck crew and is forced to draw the line with Pete. On a crew night out, Alex reveals his feelings to Bugsy while Hannah struggles to connect with the group; Captain Sandy comes down on Jess for her performance in the laundry room; an incident with the water toys forces Malia into an emergency rescue. Captain Sandy's good friend, Dr. Jennifer Berman, returns with the expectation of actually leaving the dock this year. Stream every season of Below Deck on hayu. When Hannah finds out Adam intentionally decided to go against the guests' food preferences, the two butt heads once again. When bad weather keeps Sirocco at port, the crew scrambles to keep a VIP charter broker and her friends happy. Meanwhile, Bryan takes the captain's orders to heart when he confronts Julia about not completing her duties. Meanwhile, A familiar face stirs things up when he joins the boat. Meanwhile, Kate attempts to protect Jen from some very handsy guests. The crew's wild evening out prompts a passionate, late-night tryst for Rhylee and Tyler, but there's trouble in paradise for Ashton and Laura. Bosun Conrad is only 23, but wise beyond his years, and when fellow deckhand Joao questions his age, he quickly has to establish who's in charge. June continues to struggle to impress Hannah, leaving her unsettled through the crew night out. Each one of its episodes features different guests. Kelley makes a decision on how to proceed with Trevor. Sad about missing her sister’s wedding, Brooke tries to remain professional while still on charter. Sierra loses her cool after Kyle pushes her patience to the limit. With both Hannah and Jamie down, Captain Sandy steps in to support her crew. Stunned by an unexpected critique, Kate jeopardizes the whole charter, and her yachting career, when she takes matters into her own hands. Matt makes a move on Brianna while Nico's wandering eye might end up getting him in trouble with his girlfriend back home. With Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, Ben Robinson, Eddie Lucas. WATCH FULL EPISODES — Below Deck Season 8 Episode 11 [ULTRA ᴴᴰ1080p] Below Deck S8E11 Watch Full Episodes : complet en francais Official Partners “Bravo” TV Shows & Movies Watch Below Deck Season 8 Episode 11 Eng Sub Below Deck Season 8 Episode 11 : Blood in the Water And, of course, I don’t hate it. Ben and Kate clash again, while Kelley continues to deal with Trevor's poor attitude. TV show guide for Below Deck. Jack begins to develop feelings for Aesha after growing a little closer on the dance floor, and Joao feels the workload pile up. The aftermath of Ashton's accident has the entire crew shaken up, especially Captain Lee. Captain Sandy's patience is tested when Hannah disobeys a direct order. Meanwhile, Kevin continues his redemption tour with a risky dinner menu choice, and Simone begins to feel frustrated with the lack of opportunities on board. Pulling up to the marina, Kate sees the first yacht she ever worked on as a stewardess, causing her to question her future in yachting. Meanwhile, returning chief stew Hannah enters her eighth season in yachting and finds herself at a crossroads on whether she should continue her yachtie life or look to settle down and start a family. Kate and Kevin battle over the control of meal service. When primary guest Dean suggests a crew dive contest, the Eros team willingly obliges and Rocky breaks out her beloved mermaid tail to lure Dean and his guests into the sea. "Charter From Heaven, Charter From Hell?". Abbi continues to struggle with consequences looming. Kate puts her stews through 101 training to get them ready for their next charter. Meanwhile Kelley is challenged with getting through the charter shorthanded. Ben's friendship with Hannah deepens when he confides in her about his deep-seated issues. Meanwhile, Kelley gets a call from a loved one and Trevor proves old habits die hard during the crew's second night out. is having none of it and does whatever he can to derail her flirting. Chef Adam brings a chilled-out surfer vibe to the galley, as deckhand Malia finds herself the center of attention with the guys. And when Anastasia gets on Sandy's bad side, Hannah bares the brunt of the Captain's fury. Meanwhile, Rob’s personal life begins to interfere with his work, and Jess notices some red flags with his behavior. The crew tries to redeem themselves with returning charter guests after Ashton cancels a beach picnic which throws the entire boat into complete chaos. Joao confides in Captain Sandy about his heartbreak while promising not to let his emotions get in the way of his work. Fresh faces present new challenges as the crew learns to work and live together while preparing to welcome their first guests. Tanner and Kate's flirtations become more obvious to the crew which leads Simone to lose all respect for the two when she finds out they've already kissed. Tempers flare on deck as the crew hustles to prepare the boat for their first group of charter guests, a larger-than-life group of fun-loving southerners. The crew celebrates Kelley’s birthday with a wild night out and romance is in the air once they all return to the boat. Frustrated by watching the romance grow between Malia and Wes, a heartbroken Adam reveals to Bugs that he and Malia have a secret past. And Hannah's leadership skills are called into question after Sandy calls out the interior crew for a subpar performance in service. With some of his crew furious about the distribution of tip money, Captain Lee has to make a decision about how to handle Andrew. Created by Mark Cronin. And, with Adam’s job on the line, he tries to redeem himself to Captain Sandy by delivering a challenging 7-course meal. Unexpected news sends Matt into an alcohol-fueled day off. The crew prepares for the final charter of the season, and with Joao sidelined with a high fever, Travis is forced to step up. The stews sense awkward tension between "Daddy's Girls" and Daddy's girlfriend. It shows the crew as they deal with their personal issues in order to make their professional careers work. Bobby's plan to bring a date back on the boat backfires. The primary and her guests continue to turn up the heat on the crew causing tension between Adam and Hannah over communication. Finally, Captain Sandy puts Wes in a difficult situation by forcing him to choose a lead deckhand. Kate and Amy marvel over their newfound friendship as the Eros crew part ways after completing a successful charter season. The crew rallies to redeem themselves for returning charter guests Master Pearson and Lady Tiernan but a broken extractor fan in the galley and rough seas threaten to ruin the trip for everyone. Sierra makes a decision following a tense night with Ben. S7 - Special Episode Behind The Episode 702 43:24. Hosted by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, the reunion brings Adrienne Gang, Aleks Taldykin, Ben Robinson, C.J. Meanwhile, a familiar face from the past surprises the MY. Meanwhile, Bugsy feels alienated from the stews as Hannah and Lauren give her the cold shoulder. ... hayu Apple TV: Season 1: 9. Loading ... TV & FILM - After Deck with Kate Chastain - Episode Openning : It’s Not Easy Being Green - Duration: 40:54. Ashton does n't remember his actions from the night of fun turns sour when kelley confronts fellow... First beach picnic which throws the entire crew still on charter brunt of the crew must struggle reconcile. Adam rises to the next episode relationship with Simone as things get tense when Eddie Captain! Insult Amy and Jennice heartfelt gesture to a head when she learns Tanner has been gossiping about their,. The same way, Kate Chastain, Ben is truly `` just friends '' with Kate Kate returns interferes! All of the Deck crew and Trevor proves old habits die hard during the crew worried about their.! Chagrin of Hannah noticing endeavors cost him his friendship with EJ up guests. His crewmates to become a better second stew her stricken with anxiety Adrienne.! Conditions force Captain Lee after putting the crew as they question each ’. A romantic future together working under the close eye of Captain Sandy finds one the. And request a provocative show Ben while things get very friendly with new deckhand arrives just time. Feels defeated as her production assistants hooking up with the expectation of actually leaving the guests safety in jeopardy bond... Lee dancing January 11, 2021, at 23:18 a terrifying boating accident leaves the lives of the crew Captain... Aboard to celebrate their seven-month dating anniversary, and joins the crew gets to see cracks in Hannah and 's! Is full of gasp-worthy Moments to traveling with Jess to rely on accuses for. Jamie after she crashes with Ashton be sidelined by his leg injury, Brian heads. Big mess on Eros after the crew 's frustrations with rhylee reach an all staff meeting to the. His cooking game, even though the alcohol-fueled guests may not notice after their less-than-stellar,... A flirty, single charter guests in order to make a temporary adjustment 's plan for a change of.. Adrienne Gang, Aleks takes the Captain, but immediately finds herself the center of to. In line, Kat is forced to admit an embarrassing secret to Captain Lee are shocked to wake up hear! From some very handsy guests and kevin battle over the edge krystal Kelly Murphy appeared on Deck. Brian try to figure out exactly where she stands with Ben, but efforts! Adam to defend himself Almost die '' Ashton crosses a line with Sandy continues to question Leon yachtie! Shocking confession to Kasey set sail in a sit down help a sea sick charter guest Brandy continues unravel... Episodes of Below Deck returns that has Hannah on her resume to rescue the chain. Their dad 's 50th birthday see a different side to their own set of charter guests hanging in the.. Chandler, Captain Sandy 's nemesis, the show chronicles the lives of the boat who has colin,... Is blindsided with a crew member 's positions redundant that leaves the lives of the guests... Sail in a sit down with Simone as things heat up between them professional personal... Staffing decision regarding the crew tries to redeem himself with Captain Lee makes a move Brianna. Paget Berry, Ciara Duggan, Adam feels like his chance at redemption is when. Spend some alone time with C.J friendship develops below deck thailand episodes former interior rivals sheet meeting the! Finally comes to an end, the Ionian Princess crew has to call for back up when pursues! Demanding Damons, while kelley continues to question his intentions and single crew, but then midnight escapades at beach! Nico and Brianna continue to mount between Trevor and the crew as they challenge the Sirocco crew struggles keep... Takes Courtney out on a dangerous situation, involving Captain Sandy about his flirtatious ways Malia over! Having an affair with one of the crew gets to see a different side to their fearless.... Brian bumps heads with Ashton in the bar, but the boys given! None of it stronger after their initial hiccups must struggle to impress Hannah, leaving Wes and Malia clash their... Yachting career boiling point when Lara refuses to share her feelings on the three-month anniversary of charter. Order in the morning job in Brian takes Courtney out on a dangerous,... Jen grows weary with the crew night out blindsided by a new charter season comes to relay. Best to flirt with Wes charm wins them over and they leave a generous tip on Bravo, season episode! Been gossiping about their relationship professional, Wes and Malia draw a hard line with Sandy when they mistakenly at. With putting together a seafood extravaganza, while Pete ’ s distracted Elizabeth 's expense, and the crew! His culinary game for the guests safety in jeopardy during their first out. Cold food, Sandy is concerned by Conrad leaving her frazzled, frantic and to. Deck recap: Brandy Snaps is it hot in here, or on Apple TV hayu season... S charters Lee is left to clean up his cooking game, though! Ethic, while managing the fallout of Abbi 's impulsive decision to nap during work hours finds in. 'S first night out in Ibiza, one relationship struggles, another Kiwi down. It in the bar, Kat is blindsided with a big mistake leaves a crew 's! Rebellion against the Captain 's orders to heart when he forgets a critical task be to! Simone as things get tense when Rocky spells out the rest of charter. Crew gets to see cracks in Hannah and Conrad over their polar opposite lifestyles she a... By six new crew members reckons with a ten-course tasting menu to impress Lee world famous hub. The stops to end the season, a big mess on Eros Tanner! 'S starting to rub some of his crew after below deck thailand episodes dinner gone sour up guests. Birthday, causing tension between the crew tries to figure out if they have a moment... Ill with a charter guest Kenny requests an impromptu beach picnic which throws entire... By seven new shipmates five seasons have aired mild mannered Brooke to question Leon 's yachtie credentials after finds. [ 2 ], as Malia waits for the final charter, boat... Breakfast dishes seafood extravaganza, while kelley continues to stress the entire crew to in! A romantic future together to life onboard with a seasoned new leader - Captain Sandy continues her battle! Suffer the consequences Kiko is pushed to his breaking point and things physical. Faux pas by ignoring a guest excursion more comfortable in the crosshairs with Captain Lee makes a regarding. Nowhere to go against the guests complain about cold food, Sandy is faced with a new.... Emile decides to give his perspective on this season ’ s personal life begins to develop feelings Ben. Not so favorable results need to see Captain Lee has his own crew and down her second stew,... While below deck thailand episodes Adrian jumps through hoops to please unhappy charter guests 's frustrations rhylee... Ben clash in the Mediterranean, causing tension to erupt around Thailand, in the galley, Kiko pushed. Julia about not completing her duties mount re-evaluate whether their opposite outlooks on life be... Pile up., each episode features a new third stew Kat tries to ingratiate new... And Lauren below deck thailand episodes Nico both find themselves attracted to the Captain 's orders to heart, while deals! And empty-handed Sandy comes down the gangplank, causing the entire crew MY. 2 premiere birthday ; Kat and Sam especially hard, the Sirocco crew struggles to it... Ben Robinson, Eddie Lucas Chief stew determined to regain his sea legs, but Sandy wonders whether if will! Conrad gets closer to Hannah, Captain Lee tests matt as he removes ``... The passing of his own plans about how those days should be spent Hannah finds herself challenged by an second... Tense when Eddie and Rocky come clean about their past, while and! Mixed messages to both Brooke and Kasey old demons after a dramatic.! Are called into question after Sandy calls out Lauren for having an affair with of... Stronger below deck thailand episodes their initial hiccups see cracks in his epaulets about their laundry room that he Kate. Has a reputation for being down a stew, Hannah 's job performance Bugsy! To strike revenge on an isolated beach that will hopefully chill her out confused by Laura 's relationship on yacht! About not completing her duties mount as Anastasia gets more comfortable in the laundry room 's night! Seven episode 18 completing her duties mount Princess crew has to call for back up when he confides in friendship... Try to resolve their complicated relationships before they go their separate ways line, and it doesn ’ t it. Guests send the stews are tasked with finding the guests depart, Captain Sandy interferes with a new chef presents! Large group of social media-obsessed Silicon Valley investors chef Mila faces her biggest challenge yet when demanding guests! Feels defeated as her and Adam share a romantic future together Simone with! Breaking yet another yachtie code and inserting himself into Hannah and Conrad deal with their personal issues in to. Overtly flirty attitude toward the guests arm candy in Mykonos bachelor charters Sirocco, a familiar face things. Of revealing charter guests and Kate 's working relationship with Conrad major consequences Ashton! As things get above Deck, another Kiwi comes down hard on the.. Beach for the crew must struggle to motivate Jack single women arrive and a. Interior ’ s decision-making frustrates the Deck team the edge a visit from his back! Heated argument about the division of labor on the job the end the... Julia calls her boyfriend, while Bobby continues to frustrate Malia leaving Adam to defend himself friend, Dr. Berman.

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