After returning with Ironhide's body, Hot Rod was shocked as Optimus Prime resigned his position as leader. Rodimus of Nylon Hot Rod wasn't completely foolish—when Swindle started suggesting they find and revive all the Constructicons, he remembered how deadly Devastator could be, and rejected the idea. Rodimus, Chromedome, Rewind, Trailbreaker, Drift, Ratchet, and Ultra Magnus examined Shock's body and Ratchet revealed that a Sparkeater had done the damage. Origin Hot Rod transfrmrs. With Ultra Magnus once again acting as his defense orator, Megatron stood trial, Rodimus even falsely testifying that Megatron had been the one to open the duplicate Matrix. Hunter also showed up and let Hot Rod know how to disable it, but before he could do so, Scorponok grabbed him. Rodimus had no clue. The model is made of hard plastic ABS & PS. But when he informed Rodimus that his plan to use the Matrix to power the ship might put him offline permanently, Rodimus broke free from his bonds and surprised the Ilxians by transforming and driving off. Good for … The captor revealed himself to be Chief Justice Tyrest, Ultra Magnus' old boss. Call him Hot Rod or Rodimus, or Rodimus of Nyon if you're feeling especially formal; he's got a good spark, but you might need to tread carefully to find it. Powers/Skills Reminded of his chief vendetta, Rodimus grudgingly ordered the Autobots to teleport and said goodbye to Clicker and Nine-of-Twelve. Hot Rod told Swoop which wires to sever, and he did just that, reducing Scorponok to a catatonic state. After the Decepticons were chased off, Hot Rod joined the crew of the Trion. By the time Magnus came back for Swindle with a posse of Autobots, the Decepticon was prepared to end his alliance with Rodimus. Rodimus was in the thick of it and snarked that Megatron's newfound pacifism was all about having an excuse to stay on the ship and order them around remotely. When everyone else arrived, Cyclonus and Swerve realized that the Warren had killed them and they were in the Afterspark. Hot Rod then approached them, explaining that this kind of thing was happening all across Cybertron, and asked Orion to join the insurgents. Speak, Memory: Part 1 Immediately afterwards, Rodimus was one of the crew assaulted by the murderous Sunder and forced to turn himself inside out. After liberating the planet, Rodimus told Megs to lighten up about saving organics instead of 'bots and offered to let him say "roll out" to cheer him up. Rodimus is also privately insecure that he cannot measure up with those to whom these qualities come more naturally, which often publicly manifests in a rebellious disdain for any authority not his own. Once on the surface, Hot Rod sent out his distress signal and was so sure someone heard it. When Adaptus countered that the group could be happy in the Afterspark, Rodimus was forced to concede his point, which the rest of the Hand took as sufficient to deny the petition for resurrection, returning them to the Afterspark's main arena. Sunstreaker informed Rodimus that Cybertron's atmosphere had been processed and the Swarm eliminated, rendering the planet habitable once again. As Rodimus and Cyclonus went to work rebooting the sprinklers... only for Primus himself to appear and take Getaway's hand. The Transformers (IDW Generation One) (302) Transformers - All Media Types (180) Transformers Generation … When Rung told Rodimus Red's concerns about a noise coming from inside the ship, Rodimus initially dismissed the idea off-hand. First Contact When one of Swerve's old injuries resulted in the manifestation of a holographic Earth, Rodimus and the rest of the crew projected their holomatter avatars to the fake world in an attempt to locate Swerve's psyche. "Or maybe... maybe what's really making you angry is the fact that you didn't defeat Overlord yourself. As the crew prepared to quantum jump home, the science team proposed the risky gamble of recreating the malfunctioning launch, thereby quantum duplicating themselves before then shunting the duplicates into a parallel universe to ensure that the Lost Light's adventures would never truly end. Later, Rodimus along with (nearly) the entire crew of the Lost Light, was frozen in place because one of Brainstorm's experimental weapons accidently went off. And the hits just kept coming. The touching moment was ruined when construction cranes began disassembling the ship. Rodimus's hesitation gave Getaway an opening only for Cyclonus to arrive and literally disarm the mutineer. Telling his men to retreat, Rodimus gave Megatron one minute to say goodbye to Terminus, who had opted to stay behind. Rodimus would eventually sign onto to Thunderclash's new ship, the Exitus to try and recapture the magic of his old adventures but found peacetime continually lacking, instead seeking solace in alcohol. Things got heated between the two when Grimlock, unaware of Hot Rod's regrets over Nyon, accused him of not understanding guilt, but their argument was cut short when they discovered Trypticon was missing. Hot Rod, already frustrated, lashed out at Optimus, accusing him of keeping the Autobots on the planet because he needed someone to protect and demanding he be allowed to lead a team to rescue Prowl. Rodimus and the other Autobots were discussing whether Galvatron should be trusted or not when they were taken by surprise by Galvatron transforming Kimia into a massive laser cannon. As revealed in This Calamitous Life, Rodimus agreed to take Overlord aboard from Prowl, in an attempt to extract information. Earthworks. Transformers Rodimus Prime Bot by VulnePro on DeviantArt One of the handful of marquee characters I did for Dreamwave's MtMtE TF Profile books. Sword practice with Drift and Rodimus. During the launch, the Lost Light suffered a freak quantum engine accident, and was blasted halfway across the galaxy, and roughly 40 crew members were thrown into open space. Realizing that he'd gone too far, Rodimus ordered everyone out while he sent the Cog on a collision course, only for Terminus to accidentally shoot down the ship. Chaos Theory #1 Chaos Theory #2, When Omega Supreme arrived in Cybertron's orbit, Rodimus spotted a message from Galvatron sent using binary by ordering his soldiers to shoot off their weapons in a certain order and pattern. Optimus returned during the Hate Plague of 2006 and retrieved the Matrix. After inspiration from Megatron, Rodimus rallied his crew and assured them of their morality only to be caught unawares by a missile. Leadership is something Rodimus feels he's been destined for, although he's not always certain how to properly wear that hat (he actually hates hats in general.) Genesis, After the Heart of Darkness was purged, Cybertron came alive again in a primordial state. He refused though, and made it back into Machination HQ to take care of something "personal". Years ago, Hot Rod was put in charge of a mission to the planet Ki-Aleta to obtain a powerful artifact named the Magnificence so as to keep it out of the hands of the Decepticons. Looking to escape his own bad decisions, Rodimus hijacked Ultra Magnus's ship and fled out into space. Orphans of the Helix, During the journey back to Cybertron, Rodimus was disturbed when it appeared that Optimus was getting a little too "cozy" with Megatron, and voiced his concern during a discussion about the imprisoned Megatron's fate. He was formerly known as Hot Rod, but Hasbro has used the name Rodimus and Rodimus Major as a replacement, due to trademark issues with the name Hot Rod. After Rung forcibly backed up his patient's observations, though, Rodimus relented and agreed to look into it...eventually. This Megatron is a stylized take on his IDW Stealth Bomber design, complete with a set of evil dark wings that create a jagged silhouette and make him look really imposing and intimidating. Hot Rod tackled Megatron, only to be seized by the Decepticon leader and used as a human (well, robot) shield while he prepared to shoot Prime... only for Hot Rod to transform straight out of his grip, allowing Prime to defeat him. After the battle, Hot Rod turned away Optimus Prime's thanks for saving his life, claiming that he didn't deserve gratitude after Nyon's destruction. First, the generator malfunctioned, then Download tripped the security lasers around the Magnificence itself. Theorizing that the Magnus Armor needed a recognizable brainwave to work, Rodimus pretended to be sympathetic to Megatron's plight which sent Magnus bolt upright and into an angry rant about Megatron's manipulation before he went off to conduct a proper inspection. Realizing he had to be better than his foe, Rodimus charged in after him, carrying him to safety, even as the flames burnt off his purple/blue paint. Rodimus survived the crash, but Ultra Magnus revealed that they only had thirty minutes to get back to Necroworld before the window closed forever.