We are the only European conservatoire to offer all of the performance art specialisms and we encourage you to work collaboratively to expand your artistic horizons. The National Youth Orchestras of Scotland - NYOS. Eligible students can also apply for student loans through SAAS. You must reply online via UCAS Conservatoires Track. It is your responsibility to ask two separate referees to write references and ensure that these are sent to RCS. Please email or telephone +44 (0)141 270 8281/ +44 (0)141 270 8223 for further information. Our staff include the Head of Modern Ballet at the Royal Conservatoire and teachers who have a wealth of experience from working as professional dancers within the industry. We also offer Pre-Juniors classes for students in Primary 4–7 in Modern Ballet. 1 yr Jan McNulty changed the title to RCS Glasgow (Modern Ballet Summer School) BlueLou 622 Posted October 21, 2019. You will have more performance opportunities, including the Piano and Dance festival and a more significant part in the annual performances. Hampson), Cinderella (ch. All decisions will be posted on UCAS Conservatoires following your audition via UCAS Conservatoires Track,  (you will need your username and password). Dawson), Mayerling (ch. Please upload and submit your audition videos and photographs to Acceptd by 15 March 2021. BlueLou. All input appreciated. As a dance student in the Junior Conservatoire, you will have a busy timetable of classes to attend weekly in order to ensure you develop your dance technique at the right pace. In arriving at its recommendation, the audition/interview panel will take account of all aspects of the applicant’s profile i.e. Applicants should give details of the highest level of external examination attained (if any), the date and the mark awarded. RCS Modern Ballet – Junior Level Summer School. RCS - Modern Ballet Graduation Performance 2014 The annual graduation performance is the highlight of the year for our gifted Modern Ballet students. There is a UCAS application fee of £26 to register to use UCAS Conservatoires. They are awarded on a combination of talent, potential and financial need. Phone 0371 468 0470 from within the UK or +44 330 3330 232 if you are calling from overseas. You must meet the conditions of the offer by 31 August 2021, unless an earlier date is specified. Welcome to the RCS Junior Conservatoire, Scotland's centre for advanced training for young performing and production artists. You are expected to be in attendance and ready to work at the start of each session. Five passes at a minimum of National 5 or equivalent such as Standard Grades (Grade 1—3) or Intermediate 1 or 2. passes in five GCSEs — Grades 4-9 or equivalent, Knowledge of ballet vocabulary to a minimum of Intermediate level (or equivalent), Appropriate physical qualities for a career in professional classical dance, Pirouette enchainement – can be taken from 5, Petit Allegro/Warm-up jump – sautes, echappes sautes and changements, Spine roll down – facing the back with feet together and arms by sides, slowly roll down through the spine (keeping legs straight) and recover, Achilles stretch – facing the side with feet together, bend knees with heels remaining on the floor and recover, Hamstring stretch – facing the side, sitting on the floor with legs fully stretched forward in parallel, reach up and then forward towards toes, keeping backs of knees on the floor, Splits on right leg – facing right corner, Simple pirouette enchainement – shown on both sides, Demi-plie en face, arms in bras bas or on waist, A la seconde en l’air, arms in 2nd position, Female applicants only — 2nd position en pointe, arms in 5th position, passes in five GCSEs — Grades A*—C or equivalent. This programme is designed to help you build a robust classical technique and prepare you for the profession as a confident, versatile and technically strong dancer. We will try to support as many students as possible to attend the Junior Conservatoire training and therefore may not be able to cover full student fees. The audition fee charge allows us to offer a thorough and positive experience to all applicants and we encourage you to ask the panel questions and find out more about the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to see if it is the best place for you.