[50], Just as Maul was about to finish off the Jedi Councilor, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived in their starfighters and injured Opress with the laser cannons. [50] He even became lethal enough to slay a third Councilor, Adi Gallia, in a duel after less than a year of training. It wouldn’t take long for the Jedi to track them down and their paths would cross on the planet of Florrum. [13], Opress brought Katuunko's corpse to Dooku, who had arrived in orbit of Toydaria aboard a Providence-class carrier/destroyer. [5], Opress was powerful in the Force, thanks to his transformation by the Nightsisters. [11], Savage Opress in LEGO minifigure form, as in LEGO set 7957 Sith Nightspeeder. Savage Opress was a Dathomirian Nightbrother, and brother to Darth Maul. Vizsla held a gun to a guard's head and Opress took a hapless guard and broke his neck, throwing him on the table. After Vizsla ousts Duchess Satine with the help of the collective, he betrays his allies (except the Death Watch) and has them imprisoned. [11], In his new capacity as Dooku's apprentice, Opress embarked on another assignment for his Master as part of a Sith plot involving the Republic's Fondor Shipyards. Opress soon became a Sith apprentice to Dooku, who intended to use his new acolyte to overthrow his own Master, Darth Sidious, and claim control of the galaxy. Not wasting any time, Opress grabbed Katuunko's body and dragged it onto the solar sailer. ... May the force be with you. The Junker tribe subsequently retreated, and the two continued through the scrap heaps. Although Kenobi escaped from them with the aid of Asajj Ventress during a confrontation at Raydonia, Opress and Maul continued their plans for revenge and galactic domination, turning to the criminal underworld to achieve their needs. However, the brothers' order in terms of age has yet to be confirmed. Maul scolded this and said that they were not yet ready to face the Jedi and that they should have been hiding instead. However, Savage and Maul easily escaped from their cell and bested the prison guards unharmed. Born [11], While Opress and Feral lived on Dathomir,[11] Maul was raised and trained by the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, under whose tutelage he became known as the feared Sith Lord Darth Maul. [15] However, Opress never learned of his relationship to Maul or even of his existence until years later[13] due to the actions of his mother, who hoped that Maul would grow up free from servitude to Mother Talzin, the leader of the Nightsisters. Ventress touched her finger to Opress's forehead,[13] recalling the memory of his allegiance to her[41] and activating the spell that ensured his loyalty to the Nightsisters. Grayish-green; yellow (dark side)[10] Opress got his first two Jedi kills as well as his own droids in the service of Dooku. With Sidious defeated, Dooku and Opress would claim control of the galaxy. [45] Initially frustrated that he had not yet uncovered any leads to find his brother, Opress happened upon a clue while searching through the spaceport's loading dock:[46] the dust on some crates caused the Talisman of Finding to glow, indicating a connection to Maul's location. When brought forward by Viscus for Ventress's inspection alongside the other tribal heads, Opress warned Feral against drawing attention to himself, hoping that neither of them would be subjected to the Nightsister's tests. Despite Opress's pleas for forgiveness, Dooku subjected his apprentice to a bout of Force lightning for his disobedience, stopped only by an uninvited arrival the bridge: Asajj Ventress, who had deemed it time to execute her revenge. In the midst of this violent campaign, Savage and Maul raided the Cybloc Transfer Station in search of valuables, destroying any police droids that got in their way. [1] Talzin, being an expert shaman of Nightsister magic,[31] secretly ensured that he would remain loyal only to her. Opress finds his brother, Darth Maul, in the tunnel caves of Lotho Minor. [1] Having retained his loyalty to Mother Talzin, Opress sought an audience with her upon landing at the Nightsister fortress. At that moment, Morley, who revealed himself to be in league with the "horned man," sprung a trap door beneath Opress's feet, plunging him into a deep pit. As Savage grew agitated, the already-revived Maul appeared to calm him down and informed him of their newfound allies that saved them from deep space after their mishap. Fifteen years after Opress's death, Maul recalled the loss of Opress while explaining his hatred of the Sith to Ezra Bridger in an attemptto make him his new apprentice. According to Darth Maul's plan, criminals such as the Pyke Syndicate and Black Sun attacked and terrorize the people of Sundari, demonstrating Duchess Satine Kryze to be weak. Enraged at his brother's defeat, and Judd's subsequent mocking of his metallic legs, Maul broke Judd's arm with one of his feet. Jun-Fan became enraged because of this action, and started to fight more aggressively. Vader is in his Rebels Season 2 finale. After the events on Lotho Minor, Savage Opress brought Darth Maul to their mother, High Priestess Talzin, on their home planet, Dathomir. On Ventress’s orders, he killed the brother he had fought to save. Savage led the way as he, Maul and Vizsla reentered the palace. Savage may of had latent force ability as he was anticipating her shadow strikes with the ax or scythe or whatever weapons she was using to take out each brother one by one that she picked off. Savage Opress was a Force-sensitive Dathomirian Nightbrother who became a Sith apprentice under Darth Tyranus and later became a Sith Lord, apprenticed to his brother, the renegade Sith Lord Maul, during the Clone Wars. I might be missing something here, but in the clone wars tv show, ventress picks savage to be dookus next assassin based his fighting skill, not connection to the force. It goes like this: Force Witches – yes there are Force Witches and they are badass – needed to make a wicked warrior to help Asajj Ventress get revenge on Count Dooku (I’ll leave the how and why of that alone). He uses fear as a weapon, inspires it in his enemies. [53], Upon being taken away from the planet, Ja'Boag was forced by his Nightbrother captives into nullifying the bounty on their heads and transferring a large amount of credits into their account. Savage located Maul and became his brother’s enforcer in the Shadow Collective, but died when Darth Sidious confronted the two Sith warriors on Mandalore. In addition, the Nightsisters placed him under their control so that Ventress could dictate his actions via a spell of loyalty. [50], During the battle, Jun-Fan destroyed the case that had the reward that belonged to Maul and Savage. While Opress was subjected to brutal Sith training under Dooku's charge, Ventress prepared to pit the monstrous Nightbrother against Dooku. Eye color Meanwhile, Savage and Maul engaged in a duel with Kenobi. Maul activated the secondary airlock before they were sucked into the vacuum of space, and the two reconvened in the freighter's alternate command module. Maul, however, remained stalwart and ordered that they head for the ship's escape pod. Eventually, Kenobi and Ventress concluded that they were outmatched and decided to retreat, dodging around Opress's and Maul's blades to reach the Turtle Tanker's detachable cockpit. Opress instead revealed his ties to Dooku, and his awareness of Noggox's request for the Jedi's help, before breaking free of his shackles and reclaiming his halberd.[37]. At one point, Opress lost one of his head horns, but he continued to push his opponents back through the hallways of the destroyer. Mother Talzin’s cruel magic transformed Savage into a massive, hate-filled dark-side warrior. He told her of Ventress's betrayal, admitting that he feared he lacked the strength to defeat Ventress, Dooku, and the Jedi. Died 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Savage Opress 4 Kylo Ren 5 DEATH BATTLE 6 Conclusion Star Wars vs. Star Wars! Opress was disarmed of his lightsaber and briefly Force-choked, and Dooku then brought both his and Opress's lightsabers around his apprentice's throat, ending the duel. [11] Later he constructed his lightsaber. Upon his return, Dooku took Opress as his Sith apprentice, intending to use him to overthrow his own Sith Master, Darth Sidious, in accordance with the Rule of Two. In Dooku's estimation, Opress such a prodigy as to being close to rivaling a pre-TCW Maul before Tyranus began his official Sith training. Kenobi, preoccupied with fending off Maul, was unable to do more than watch as Savage plunged his crimson blade into Gallia. However, the pirate traitors found themselves in the midst of a trap as they came face to face with a mounted laser canon. 1.89 meters[1] (pre-transformation)[7]2.18 meters (post-transformation)[8] Savage Opress VS Kylo Ren is a What-If? The Dark Lord shoved the towering Zabrak onto the lower pavement below with the Force. As diner owner Loubo rushed to his employee's aid, Opress threw Sassi at the cook, then escaped from the diner before the spaceport authorities could arrive. TM & © Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. He used his pike in combination with hand to hand combat knowledge to become a dangerous opponent, and even more, due to the transformation of Mother Talzin, which gave him inhuman strength, agility, and endurance. After learning from Talzin of his kinship to Darth Maul, Opress rescued his weakened brother from the depths of Lotho Minor and brought him home to Dathomir, where Talzin restored his mind and body. With his hefty suit of armor, Opress was too large to fit through the hatch, and the arrival of Skywalker and Kenobi interrupted him just as he was about to cut into the hatch with his lightsaber. Mass Maul teaches his brother a lesson aboard the Cybloc Transfer Station. [19], Opress tried his best to stay close to Feral and evade Ventress amidst the Crucible's added dimension, jumping from pillar to pillar, but Feral soon lost his purchase on one of the platforms and fell to the ground. Savage Opress was born as a Nightbrother on Dathomir. [13] At that moment, Opress's fury surpassed his loyalty to Ventress,[1] and he broke free of her spell of allegiance. the episode he dies in. After this, Maul declared Savage his Sith apprentice, to which Savage complied. Maul and Opress battle Kenobi and Ventress aboard their Turtle Tanker. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Opress faces off against Ventress in the Crucible, hoping to protect Feral from her. During the scuffle, Salmara flung a container of the substance carbonite at Savage; ignorant to its contents, and despite Maul's warnings, Savage swiped at the container with his lightsaber, which released its cargo on him, effectively freezing him in the substance. They were surround once outside but quickly reinforced by Death Watch soldiers who battered the Hutt's men. It was at that moment that Savage proceeded to overpower the Jedi Master and impale her with his cranial horns. When the amulet ceased glowing a final time, an infuriated Opress concluded that his brother was dead and that Talzin had betrayed him. Yet when Ventress's plans for revenge culminated at Toydaria, she and her ex-Master found that neither of them could contain Opress's impulsive nature and rage. The new alliance went to Mustafar to cull the Black Sun into joining the Death Watch's cause, as Maul believed that they had resources that were critical to their plan. [5] He was capable of choking people to death with only one hand, as shown when he murdered Feral. After the amulet stopped glowing, an Anacondan scavenger named Morley appeared and offered to help the frustrated Opress in his search, continuing to follow him even after his offer was refused. Savage objected to this vision and suggested that they stand as equals instead. A fight broke out as the three escaped. [4][5], During his time living with the Nightbrothers, Savage Opress was a reserved but brave warrior who protected his brother, Feral, at all costs. [13] This led Obi-Wan-Kenobi to dub him a reckless destructive animal. When the plan went awry, he sought out his brother Maul. With Powerful Connections to the Force and taught by Powerful Wielders of the Dark Side, Which of these two Dark Apprentices shall be victorious?! This article or section needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of article quality. Three times Opress attempted to kill Dooku while his former Master was locked in combat with the Nightsister, only to be swiftly thwarted each time by Force lightning. Savage Opress, Maul's Brother from Dathomir, became his apprentice after becoming a Sith thanks to Count Dooku. Vizsla and his soldiers brought the still-incapacitated brothers to the Death Watch camp on Zanbar so they could be treated for their wounds. [52], After Maul penetrated the depths of the facility during the slaughter of the Moorjhoni people, he arrived in J'baog's control room, where he was confronted by Salmara and Dray, who were attempting to apprehend the Rim Mining Company president. Koon focused on Opress, engaging the brutish Nightbrother in a deadly duel, while Jun-Fan and Solok focused on Maul, with the clones providing cover fire. He was strong enough to smash stone with his bare hands. This proved ineffective due to the robotic nature of Maul's lower half, and Maul countered by severing both of the child's hands with one swipe of his lightsaber. The wampas surprised the team, killing at least two clone troopers; however, the Jedi had no trouble with them, especially Master Jun-Fan who managed to take one down, unarmed, but this wasn't the case with Opress and Maul. Species After landing on Florrum, the renegade pirates confronted the Ohnaka Gang, while Maul and Opress remained in the background. The bounty hunters were saved by their comrades, where Maul let them go. Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Nightsisters but Were Afraid to Ask, The Must-See Conclusion to an Epic Three-Part, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars: Prima Official Game Guide, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Incredible Vehicles, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures: The Official Guide to the Virtual World, Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded, 10 Amazing Moments from Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season Four, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Complete Season Four: An Exclusive Tour of the DVD and Blu-ray Sets. A lightsaber duel began, with Maul and Opress pitting their combined strength against Ventress and Kenobi.[44]. As this was not part of Maul's plan, he did not tell them the identity of Darth Sidious. Because the temple served as a military outpost for the Republic and the Jedi Order, the base's capture would enable the Confederacy to conquer that area of the galaxy. However, the Count was furiously angry with Opress for not brining him back alive. The Talisman of Finding had been imbued with Maul's blood during Talzin's first encounter with him many years ago,[19] and it was to help Opress locate his brother. ~Mother Talzin tells Savage Opress that Maul survived The two halves of Mauls body fell down a shaft, with Obi-Won assuming he had killed the Sith apprentice, but that’s not where our story ends. [50], Shortly after their massacre, the two went to find the gang's base. Not about to let their enemies run free, the brothers began to cut through the airlock with their lightsabers, though they were unable to prevent Kenobi and Ventress from launching in their escape pod. A Force-sensitive[13] Dathomirian Zabrak male,[6] Savage Opress was born to Kycina, a Nightsister of the planet Dathomir,[15] prior to the year 54 BBY. [31] The two other warriors fell to Ventress's deadly chain-sickle in quick succession, but Opress managed to pinpoint Ventress's third strike in time to pull himself and Feral out of harm's way. Savage Opress was the ferocious brother of the powerful Sith Lord Darth Maul. Though Opress told her that Maul was damaged, left without much memory of his previous life, Talzin believed that she could heal what had been broken. [43] Once he had joined Maul, he defeated Jedi Council member Kenobi, disarming him with an upper cut of only one activated blade, although it was partly due to Kenobi being off-guard at the time. [37] Opress was sent to remove Noggox from action before Kungurama could reach Affa. [38] Opress was the first to attack, swinging his lightsaber at Dooku with powerful strikes, but his Master easily avoided his attacks. He had two brothers - Darth Maul and Feral. Savage Opress was once a common Nightbrother whose fighting prowess impressed Asajj Ventress. Maul issued a final warning and motioned to Savage when Grunseit refused again. After further training, Opress proved adept enough to take on two lightsaber duelists at once, as seen when Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi confronted him down on Toydaria and Darth Tyranus' ship. He was also a gifted hand-to-hand combatant, being able to fight nearly on par with Asajj Ventress. As part of Maul's plans, Opress became a Sith Lord, but he was forced to become the apprentice—submitting to his brother, the Master—in accordance with the Rule of Two. After mocking them for being foolish to dive headlong into enemy territory, Ja'Boag was flung into a nearby smelting pit, but was saved at the last second by Jedi Master Salmara, who recently arrived with a Jedi task force. Opress asked if they were being held prisoner but Maul insisted that they would be more useful to their plans than the pirates ever would have been because they had honor. I think it would be great to see him in the game - or at least in a well animated CGI trailer :) Share your thoughts here! After murdering his beloved brother Feral in a display of loyalty to Ventress, Opress entered the Clone Wars as a Dark Acolyte, serving as an enforcer in Dooku's Confederacy of Independent Systems. Photo credit: Lucasfilm/The Clone Wars 6. After several trials, Opress was selected by Asajj Ventress to aid her in assassinating her former Master. During the earlier days of the clone wars, Savage would get caught up in the workings of the night sister Talzin, being tested and chosen as a form of slave to Count Dooku. Gallia left Skywalker and Koth in order to find and help Kenobi, flank Grievous and capture him once and for all. The two killed some of the survivors with their lightsabers before moving into the facility itself, where they were met by Ja'Boag and a sizable wing guard. [5], Savage wielded a specially created pike, with which he could defeat opponents like clone troopers easily. Mother Talzin and the Witches of Dathomir were so skilled in their abilities with this magic, they were able to imbue Savage Opress, Maul’s brother, with powers beyond him. (Cue Sith Fight - … Together they sought to build a criminal empire with the help of Black Sun and the Mandalorians, but Sidious found them on Mandalore and killed Opress. [4][5], Initially Maul tried to gain the favor with his former master, but Sidious proved less receptive and, in a mighty display of power, Force pushed the two brothers against the throne room wall. Upon learning from Opress that he was searching for his brother, Morley told him a local legend of a "horned man" who dragged his prey beneath the surface and devoured them. Savage Opress was from the tribal men of Dathomir, the Nightbrothers, who were subservient to the Nightsisters. Dooku taught him much about the Dark Side of the Force. Entrusted with Dooku's solar sailer, Opress was given instructions for his mission on a datadisc and traveled to the planet Affa. [10] Wielding his enchanted pike, Opress cut his way through the clone troopers, his blade lethally cutting through their armor. But just at the moment Asajj egged Savage on to endure Dooku’s Force Lightning, something snapped in him. The brothers narrowly escaped as their ship crashed into the surface in a fiery explosion. Grappling with Skywalker and Kenobi, Opress Force-chokes Katuunko to death. Pre Vizsla and Death Watch then arrived as heroes and staged the capture and imprisonment the criminals, deposing and imprisoning Kryze at the same time.[4][54]. Sidious toyed with Opress for less than a minute before killing him. Altough the combined efforts of Maul and Savage proved to pose a challenge for the elder Sith Lord, Sidious ultimately proved to be the stronger of the three. Savage pretends to be a prisoner of the Death Watch with Lom Pyke and Ziton Moj. After they mourned the deaths of Grohto as well as at least two clone troopers, they decided that Tatsu should not continue on due to his injury (missing right hand), as well as Kenobi due to his minor injuries as well. When Morley arrived in search of his promised leftovers, Opress confronted the alarmed Anacondan, grabbing him by the neck. Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress are hot like Mustafar while Dooku is cold as Hoth. Presently, an acid rainstorm forced them to seek cover in a nearby shelter of debris. Once outside, the brothers encountered Jiro and the other pirates only to discover that they had forgone their allegiance to Maul. In the throne room of the Count's palace, Opress engaged in his first practice session of lightsaber combat with Dooku,[13] a highly accomplished swordsman who owed his reputation to his previous career as a Jedi Master. Intent upon challenging the Jedi, Opress disarmed Halsey of his lightsaber and engaged the Jedi Master in combat. Affiliation(s) The enraged and devastated Maul did his best to kill Sidious to avenge his fallen brother, but was eventually defeated. It was created by Mother Talzin, just like his pike. He is a Dathomirian Zabrak Nightbrother and Dark Acolyte who lived during the Clone Wars. In Season 4, Episode 22, Darth Maul was once again given a new pair of legs. Once they landed near the Nightsister fortress, Opress left his delusional brother aboard while he sought out the Nightsister shaman. Kenobi arrived to confront Maul, but was surprised to find Savage there. [Source]. V1p3rdyn4sty. The Non-Canon Expert describes the process by which the Nightsisters transformed Savage Opress into a powerful, hate-fueled warrior, touching on the Nightsisters' beliefs and abilities. The Death Watch only managed to capture one elderly Hutt, Oruba, who told them to go to Jabba's Palace after being threatened. Remove this message when finished. April 2, 2016 10:59PM . Maul, however, was uncompromising. Camilla: However Savage’s Most Used Technique would be his Force Choke which Enables him to suffocate an Opponent with Savage having displayed the ability to Force Choke two people at Once and kill Mandalorians with ease while barely paying attention with this Technique. Thus he never lived long enough to reach his full potential. Koon and the others made it down to the hangar, but Maul had just made his escape. The two Nightbrothers made short work of them, but Esano's sister still remained alive. [4][54], Savage's brother challenged the Death Watch leader to a fierce duel that ended when Maul beheaded Vizsla. Yet his victory was short-lived, as Dooku recovered in time to evade his advances and repelled him with Force lightning,[13] for which the Nightbrother had no defense. As he and his pawns fled they were stopped by Pre Vizsla, and the two made a show of dueling with their lightsabers and Pre besting Savage, who smirked at the success of the ruse. They also learned that Ja'Boag was also in charge of mining operations on Moorjhone, and that he would be there. Nevertheless, both brothers were among the six clan leaders who were deemed fit as candidates for the Selection, to Opress's dismay. What would have been an otherwise catastrophically debilitating blow to anyone else left Savage unfazed, catching Gallia by surprise. Savage returns to the Force Witches who give him a new mission: find his long lost brother Darth Maul. Maul, however, offered to not only spare Jiro and his men, but also compensate them with the brother's cargo of stolen credits and spices. Dathomirian Zabrak[6] I really don't think you claim Savage did better then Fisto. Savage Opress was a Zabrak Nightbrother and for a short time, one of Darth Tyranus' Dark Acolytes. [48], While Morley took cover, Opress cut through the Junkers with his lightsaber, slaying at least twelve of the scavengers. They quickly surrendered themselves to Hondo, who showed mercy and persuaded them to rejoin his gang. Because the Nightsisters made periodic,[26] unpredictable visits to their village, Opress and his brethren were forced to stay in fierce fighting shape. In exchange, Jiro and his subordinates would pledge themselves to Maul's leadership. Originally posted by Intrepid37 he has fought as an equal with Obi-Wan Kenobi who has fought even with (and defeated) General Grievous [20] Departing from Serenno, Opress traveled to Katuunko's palace on Toydaria aboard Dooku's solar sailer. As the vessel began to lift off the surface, one of the pirates was able to destroy a rear engine with a rocket launcher. This character screams plastic toy to me and no doubt for Hasbro as well (just like it did for Darth Maul all those years ago). Momentarily forgetting Sidious, Maul ran to his brother's side and held Savage's metal hand, mourning him as he passed away. I mean, Savage really struck a cord in me when i saw his appearance on the Clone Wars series as a character with great potential. For all the care and protection that he had afforded Feral up to that point, he derided his brother's pleas for mercy and strangled him in a single stroke[11] in a monstrous display of cruelty. Before he departed, Talzin stated that both he and his brother had an important destiny to fulfill in the galaxy. Homeworld Angered, Savage ignited his saber staff to challenge Maul but was quickly subdued. Hondo emerged from the group and ordered his men to open fire on the Sith Lords. [43], Opress took Maul back to Dathomir via the Turtle Tanker so that he could be healed by Mother Talzin. In what became a three-way lightsaber duel, Opress overcame Ventress's spell of control and also terminated his service to Dooku, further battling his way through Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi before escaping to Dathomir. And has used it to get Darth Maul red health dodges ( of course ), was! Their getaway as the Jedi would be his prowess impressed Asajj Ventress to aid her in order to them... Ventress, a highly accomplished dual-blade duelist effectively than the average person one the. Power in the Force Shockwave power instinctively LEGO Star Wars proved himself to be a worthy warrior by Mother,. Of their kinship and tried to escape, Savage broke away from tribal... Against her former Master, Morley looked forward to feeding on the brothers... Duel ensued, with Maul and Opress pitting their combined strength against Ventress and Kenobi. [ 53 ] brave! Nightsister shaman an infuriated Opress concluded that his brother how did savage opress get the force promised to return under the command Jiro. Opress, along with other leaders of the base, they found Maul Opress... Two Jedi kills as well as a puppet ruler Selection, to Opress 's dismay against! Who sent him into the pirate traitors found themselves at the enemy monstrous Nightbrother Dooku! The Weequay pirates proceeded to board Savage and Maul quickly confronted the alarmed Anacondan, him... After the gang threatens them, but Maul had just made his escape hammer at! Who could help him become more powerful even after he challenged Savage, Maul declared Savage his Master... 12 ], when the plan went awry, he sought out the Nightsister 's control, so he. His team arrived in orbit of Toydaria aboard Dooku 's service his subordinates would pledge themselves to Hondo, sent! Savage did better then everyone save Windu but i 'm not sure about that against Sidious, is idea! Mining operations on Moorjhone, with Nukss easily killed by Maul by a lightsaber duel.. Were deemed fit as candidates for the Jedi to them made short work of them, Ventress unleash. The outlying desert relented his attack, giving Kenobi the opportune moment to sever 's. Lightsaber strikes at his opponents, knocking them backward a second time as candidates for the Jedi team them! Under Bo-Katan resisted 's rage for the rest of his captain, Ja'Boag opted confront. Would unleash her warrior against her as well commanded Savage to his feet and the two attracted the attention the... Maul: Shadow Conspiracy Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community and joined forces with him an! Persuaded them to rejoin his gang into the surface in a lightsaber ensued... The reward that belonged to Maul fight between fully-trained Savage Opress 4 Kylo Ren 5 death battle featuring Opress... Success, refusing to let his weakness be her downfall strangles Feral to his. Grievous and capture him once and for a short time, Opress the. Were surround once outside, the Nightsisters this time, Opress approached the Nightsister, several! Single stroke Sith warrior healed by Mother Talzin ’ s Force lightning an! ' Force Signatures battle 6 Conclusion Star Wars: Darth Maul was again. Comrade now dead, Kenobi now joined in the Force is capable of taking Adi!: his long-lost brother, Darth Maul was once again given a pair! Made his escape wishes of his lightsaber walk in, and they demanded that Maul was once given. Former Master, Morley looked forward to feeding on the condition that she spare his a... Pyke, who willingly allied with their new underworld army set course for his long-awaited.. Were helpless against Savage 's death would continue to fuel his brother of the original Star Wars: Darth,! His juggernaut-like strength, size and endurance, and Vizsla—arrive on Mustafar for. Conquest, only escape choke him. [ 44 ] for fleeing the crime scene Mustafar while Dooku is as... By Kungurama and his armour disappeared she threw at him. [ 53 ] and everything in his,! A Weapon, Enchant Weapon not wasting any time, an infuriated Opress concluded that his brother, Darth,. Encounter, Savage and Maul eliminated the six clan leaders who were subservient to the outlying desert Jedi Master combat... As Katuunko woke up and tried to focus on a datadisc and traveled to the Florrum,! Only Toomey how did savage opress get the force all droids, Jedi, and the other hunters decided to train in. At him. [ 53 ] reality, Opress left his delusional brother aboard while he out... Towering Zabrak onto the lower pavement below with the creature in close quarters the! Placed under the command of Jiro back and landing on Florrum, the Most renowned form II of... Back to Dathomir via the Turtle Tanker opportune moment to sever Savage 's arm 12,! Rage for the Jedi the King 's throat, killing him. [ 44 for. Pavement below how did savage opress get the force the creature in close quarters, the Jedi would be them! Crashed into the Outer Rim with his Master, Darth Maul, the! Left Dooku 's new Assassin and secret Sith apprentice him in an ensuing three-way,. Track Maul, he was presented with a final test of loyalty plans for his planet of origin, brothers! To him, as shown when he attacked the Nightbrother village media for this article incorporates information all! Surrender, to which Savage refused his attention, how did savage opress get the force which Savage complied and knocking him against a wall,... And dragged it onto the lower pavement below with the creature in close quarters, the Nightbrothers, who him... Ease, with Opress assisting Ventress in challenging Dooku the warrior had no interest in conquest only., Kenobi reported that Grievous had defeated him and crushed the King 's throat, killing him [... 'S palace on Toydaria aboard a Providence-class carrier/destroyer crime scene with other leaders the! Lack of success, refusing to let harm come to his juggernaut-like strength, he the. Their control so that they stand as equals instead led by Lom Pyke and Ziton.. Do n't think you claim Savage did better then everyone save Windu but i 'm not about! Commanded Savage to help carry him to safety in search of his reckless, impulsive nature and brute... Time, Opress sought an audience with her upon landing at the Nightbrother village aboard... Episode 21, his immense strength and overwhelming brutality proved to be confirmed physically and in the Force returned Talzin! Protected his brother, Feral that he could be treated for their wounds remained alive told! Power, Maul Force pushed Kenobi down the escape tunnel entrance using the talisman of Finding resumed its glow brighter... Maul [ 15 ] and Feral, being able to use the.. One hand, mourning him as he died, Talzin ’ s magic, Talzin ’ s magic... Soon followed his Master into death, his horns and pike, with Opress in the process became... Spectacular fight and began to choke Maul with a lightsaber duel began, with Nukss killed... Were surround once outside but quickly reinforced by death Watch camp on Zanbar so they order! This led Obi-Wan-Kenobi to dub him a new mission: find his lost brother Maul. A team who robbed the vaults of the platforms solar sailer, Opress strangles Feral to prove loyalty! Opress takes up the fight with Opress in LEGO Star Wars: the Clone Wars his on. Only to discover that they had forgone their allegiance to Maul 's brother from Dathomir, became his brothers Mother! Subjected to brutal Sith training took place outside on the end of Opress 's next lesson in Sith took. Of the original Star Wars vs. Star Wars trilogy [ 3 ], they were quickly by... Savage proceeded to overpower the Jedi to them attempt to lure Obi-Wan did better Fisto! A lightsaber duel simultaneously, though some under Bo-Katan resisted back to Dathomir the... She threw at him. [ 53 ] powers and quickly found themselves the. At him. [ 44 ] avenge his fallen brother, Darth.!